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At A Bright Beginning Child Care Centre, we have extensive experience in caring for children in your community. Our reputation...

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To promote growth of knowledge in young children through play experiences that encompass individuals, families, community and the future

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Fee Schedule

New Fees taking effect for June 2018 (Last revision: Sept 2017)

Fees are due by the 20th of each month for that month; no formal invoice will be issued. Alternate arrangements can be made with the Director in advance.
Attendance Fee Subsidy ELCC Grant Parent Portion
Actual fee 1000.00 under 3 years
Actual fee 900.00 3years and over
Based on an average of 22 days in a month
When you receive Max. subsidy per monthmin. hrs100 $450.00
= $0.00
Part-Time - Daily
(3 days or less per week to a maximum of 12 days per month)
Actual fee 45.00 per day
$25.00 per scheduled day
For example; 3 days/week @ $25=$300.00 for the month.Expected attendance days will be charged
Subsidy amount will be calculated on actual hours attended $20.00 per day Fees less subsidy = $
Part-Time - Hourly
(half days less than 4 hours)
Actual fee 40.00 per day
$22.00 per scheduled day
(Read Part-Time Spaces below)
Subsidy amount will be calculated on actual hours attended $15.00 per day Fees less subsidy = $

New Families: There will be a $200.00 deposit for those families that do not qualify for Government Subsidy. Payable when space is guaranteed. Membership fee is $10.00. Both are per family. ** To receive your $200.00 deposit when your child is done, a 30 day notice must be given to the Director, and your child must attend as per regular schedule, to qualify for the deposit to be credited to your last month’s fee.**A FOB may be obtained for the front door security,(to gain access) $10.00 each.

Late Fees: If a child is left at the Centre past 6:00 PM, $1.00 per MINUTE will be charged and is payable to the closing staff for the inconvenience.Please consider that if yourfee is unpaid you are not officially registered and attendance maybe denied and space terminated.

Subsidy: Available through the Alberta Government for qualifying families. Qualifying parents please be advised that subsidy does not back date payment if your file closes or was not opened in time you will be charged the full monthly fee.

Drop-in Rates: when space is available (call ahead or in the morning of the day you need care)
Hourly 1year to 3 years $8.50 to a max of 25.00 per day
  3 years to 6 years $7.50 to a max of 25.00 per day

Part-time Spaces: To avoid being charged the Full-Time rate, parents must hand-in amonthly schedule by the 20th of each month for the subsequent month to the Director. Approval is needed in advance for any schedule changes. All children that come on a regular schedule will be charged for the anticipated days of attendance.

Full-time: Spaces will not be pro-rated if days attended are under 22 days for the month due to unscheduled absentees’. A min. of 2 weeks notice must be given for holidays to receive a reduced rate. To hold your space a monthly fee will need to be paid, this will need to be discussed with Director.